Metal Engraving

Let us make a good impression for you.

If someone is going to be recognised, it should be done well.  We personalise gifts and awards that celebrate achievement, success, effort, thoughtfulness, respect, love and friendship. Engraving is a lasting way to say a little bit more and add a personal touch.

Give unforgettable trophies, awards, plaques, medals, nameplates, tags, labels, gifts, jewellery, signs, cups, glasses, bottles, frames and mirrors.


Recognise achievement with distinctive presentation. Give unique, hand-made awards or we supply quality trophies and individualised trophies, cups and plaques. Let us make your ideas.



Create bright, beautiful awards and branded gifts. There is no end to the colours, fonts and graphics that can be imprinted. Add your logo to plaques, name badges, mouse pads, mugs, pens ….


Laser Engraving

A whole new level of precision. Make your mark on wood, acrylic, glass, laminates, paper, plastic, metals, stone and textiles and get long-lasting, beautiful, sharp definition.


CNC Cutting

Make your idea a reality.‎ From robust metals to MDF, foam, timber and plywood through to delicate plastics we can cut, shape, drill, bore and engrave. Textures, relief and stencils are all doable.


Making your idea a reality is assured.

Glass Engraving Services

Personal Service

The lasting impression of any great gift is the thought behind it. But if you’re not quite sure how to make your ideas come to life, ask the team at Warkworth Engraving. We love designing and creating stuff, so we’d be very keen to advise on your best options.

Nothing beats good old-fashioned personal service. Come in and talk to us at Warkworth Engraving about personalised engraved gifts or sports trophies, cups and awards for your company, club or team. We can work out the best way to get the very best value for your money.

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