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Dye sublimation – get colourful in your expression

Sublimation is a fast, effective way of printing. Whether it be on signage, labels, tags, medals, trophies, name badges or promotional items, we can “print” full-colour, finely detailed graphic designs. Plaques, mouse pads, mugs, clocks, picture frames, key rings, luggage tags, chopping boards, boxes, magnets, the options for promotional items are virtually endless.  As are the variety of fonts, colours and graphics that can be imprinted utilising the sublimation engraving technique.

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Dye-sublimation printing yields beautiful, permanent colours

Create long-lasting, unique, colourful awards, gifts, and promotional items. Customise whatever items you have in mind. Dye-sublimation printing is versatile, quick and inexpensive in both setup and production, making it an ideal choice for creating personalised, one-of-a-kind items or for the mass production of a custom products.

  • From photos to custom graphics to complex logos with intricate details, our sublimation printers complete highly detailed images.
  • Ideal for commercial and individual use.
  • No minimum order.
  • Fast turnaround.  We will work with you to meet order deadlines.
  • Pricing is based on print location, size and quantity.  Free quotes.
Laser Engraver

How does sublimation work?

Dye sublimation reproduces colour images, logos, wording or graphics to be printed and then heat transferred onto metal disks or plates.

Instead of extracting material from a material, like many other forms of engraving, this process prints onto a metal plate. The images are transferred onto products using specific types of heat presses at high temperatures.

Sublimation step by step

  • A graphic, logo or wording is designed using professional graphics software. Photo quality images and any vector-based graphics and text can be used.
  • The image is printed using specialty sublimation inks.
  • The product to be printed onto is prepared.
  • The sublimation print and product are paced under a heat press. Each product type has its own formula for time, temperature and pressure for optimal decorating.
  • After the time expires, the product is lifted out, the transfer is removed, and we admire the finished image.

What better way to brand signs or promotional items than with a photograph? Why not make a bigger advertising splash with full colour graphics? The possibilities are endless. All jobs are carried out in our premises in Morrison Drive in Warkworth. Come in and see our colourful range of signs and promotional items or call 09 425 0201to discuss your ideas.

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