Commemorative Excellence

Need to recognise someone and what they’ve done? We provide the solution: fine-looking symbols of recognition. At Warkworth engraving we get to celebrate achievement, success, effort, thoughtfulness, respect and friendship.

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Trophies and individually handcrafted awards

Warkworth Engraving are trophy specialists. We sell quality sports trophies and individually handcrafted presentation awards, cups, medals and plaques. A large selection of cups and trophies is available for engraving as single presentation awards, or we have perpetual sports trophies and cups where recipient’s details can be updated each year.

Want something fitting to the occasion and uniquely them? We specialise in making custom-designed trophies and awards. Mount collectors’ items such as model cars, trucks, machinery, planes and toys onto wooden bases and engrave the details on the base in metal or plastic.

Work directly with us through the whole design and creation journey. We’re trophy specialists, so custom making beautiful designs is a joy. We love the satisfaction of creating unique, personalised awards, plaques and trophies that make a statement.

Custom awards for everyone –

athletes | employees | co-workers | Mum | Dad | sponsors | coaches | students | best mates | spouses

Wood Engraving

Medals and medallions

A large range of medals and medallions are available onto which we can engrave your details. We can also colour reproduce your club or organisation’s logo to insert in the centre of the medal or medallion.  A variety of ribbons for medals are available in many colours to suit your requirements.

Metal Engraving

Recognise achievement with a distinctive presentation

We’d be proud to work on your presentation piece and would make sure that from concept to final product, your award is outstanding enough to make a lasting, favourable impression. We’re trophy specialists.

Glass Engraving Services

Gravagraph engraving system for your cups and trophies

GRAVAGRAPH is a flat and rotary engraving system. This is a computer-generated system producing the highest quality engraving using many modern and traditional fonts.

Corporate gifts and appreciation awards

Come and talk to us about your corporate gift or appreciation awards ideas.  We can make your ideas come to life. All jobs are carried out in our premises in Morrison Drive in Warkworth. Come in and see our range or trophies or call 09 425 0201 to discuss your ideas.

Customised Gifts

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